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SmartMotion works on different platforms. It's stable and and it performs saving you countless man-hours looking for an event in captured CCTV footage.

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(Compatible with Ubuntu, Debian, Windows 7, 10, and OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6)

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CFTC Listed

SmartMotion has been listed on NIST's Computer Forensic Tools Catalog with support for motion detection, tripwire techniques through object classification


Take a look at our gallery of screenshots to see SmartMotion in action and get a better idea of functionality. The graphical user interface is simple yet intuitive.


SmartMotion is feature packed aimed at saving professionals countless hours sifting through footage. Check out the full list of features of SmartMotion here.

  • “The software does what it says it should do. It’s stable, fast and there are no frills. Support is equally good.”

    Maxime Ela, Client

  • “This software has cut the time it takes for me to anaylse static CCTV video to less than half. This software just works!”

    John May, Customer

  • “As an analyst, this software has saved me a load of time looking and sifting through previously captured CCTV video. No doubt this software has been invaluable!”

    Max Craig, Analyst

4 Steps to easily get Started

Choose a directory or a particular set of  CCTV video files to analyse. These could be AVIs, MP4s or any other commonly used CCTV export format.

Automatically highlight an area of interest where you wish to detect motion by drawing a rectangular box, or use the freehand feature.

Apply the same selection across multiple files, and sit back whilst SmartMotion examines the files and builds a list of detected motion instances.

Regardless if its done or not, you can begin to examine the results. Double click the stills to export the clip and watch in VLC or another program.

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